Visiocom Ltd. is a professional supplier of LED products for a wide range of application such as LED street lighting, LED solar street lighting, LED high-power flood lights, LED industrial lighting, LED office and store lighting, LED traffic lighting etc.

For more information about other products including energy-saving solutions please visit . We in Visiocom Ltd. very care about quality of our products and services. LED lights from our portfolio use only quality and brand components and parts from Nichia, Philips, Osram, CREE, BridgeLux, Meanwell or Inventronics.

All products are covered with 5 years limited warranty world wide.

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In company Visiocom Ltd. we care about the quality of our products. Our luminaires are fitted with branded components from known manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, CREE, Nichia, Meanwell, LiFud etc. Using quality components exceeds the projected lifespan of selected products over 100,000 hours. Thanks to a range of standard as well as non-standard installations, we have tested our products in practice.

That what we do we believe in.

Visiocom Ltd. Products are characterized by quality workmanship, high light output, reliable and trouble-free operation for the lifetime of luminaires. This minimizes the cost of maintenance and operation, and gives customers time to focus on his own business.

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Price list

Every project begins with a professional design.

Selecting of a suitable model of lighting, technical or mechanical characteristics, the use of the right optics and wattage of LED lights is one of the most important aspects when planning lighting. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will prepare a lighting-technical proposal with a specific project cost.

In case you are interested, please contact us at or +420 774 127 879 for more information.


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Visiocom and environmental

Our company takes responsibility for our products and for financing the collection and disposal regulations.

We contribute to take-back of electrical equipment

Retired electrical appliance does not belong in to trash. The entire device must be handed to the collection point, which are listed on, at the last retailer or at other collective systems. Postponing of used electrical equipment at the right place will allow its engagement in the process of ecological disposal, resulting in proper treatment and recycling. Recycling contribution (fee) is included in the price.

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