OP-Series LED Linear HIGH Bay is designed for
aisle in warehouse, generating rectangular lighting
pattern, perfectly, complied with shape of aisles.

Infrared detect

Meanwhile, warehouse is very special lighting area.
There is no continuous movement of person or
devices in many places. If the fixtures just light
up when necessary, and keep low level illumination
or turn off when unnecessary, it will be great helpful
to energy-saving. For many warehouses that have
skylight, it’s not necessary to turn on the fixture
with full brightness if there is sufficient ambient
light. If it can adjust the system power automatically
according to ambient light, to keep the lux on floor
with a certain value, it will be more helpful to
energy-saving. However, the traditional lamp
can not reach such effect.

It is fortunate that our OP-Series could have the opportunity to achieve above function, and the settings of the function could be done through remote wireless controller. The system is very easy to understand, also easily to complete setting even without any professional engineer, which greatly saves installation time and cost.

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